Light details in window


is it possible to get light details (lightdetails.xaml) in a window instead of fullscreen?

I use device browser in a small area on the screen and have change lighttile.xaml work but how do I get the lightdetails in thesame area as the devicebrowser?


You need to alter the lightdetails.xaml layout properties to accommodate the size of your device browser. I would dupe lightdetails.xaml and give it a new name then alter the size and link your device to it under its properties.

thanks John. I found how to resize it but it still opens in a new page then. That is because on the device is it linked to the lightdetails.xaml I think. Is it possible to say within the current page, open in this section?

In Lighttile.xaml there is this:

<hr:EventTrigger Event=“Clicked”>
<hr:MethodAction TargetName=“Tile” Method=“OpenDetails” />

Can we add a section where you could say Open in this Window or Section?

Strip down your project to the device browser in question, remove credentials and post hrp here.

Test.hrp (3.0 MB)

it is verlichting-buttons.xaml.


It’s difficult to work thru because I don’t have connections to your devices and my complete system is disabled since I sold my home and it is all packed away in boxes. The one thing you can try is altering the size of Toolbar.xaml to the size of your altered lightdetails.xaml since lightdetails.xaml references Toolbar.xaml as a Page Browser. I would dupe Toolbar.xaml, alter the size on that and relink to the dupe under lightdetails.xaml, Page Browser (Toolbar) Properties, Common, Page.

I don’t see these project elements in your test project so I am not sure if you stripped them out. I have included screenshots of my project for reference. I am just shooting in the dark here, its worth a try but I am not sure if Bill has certain features hardwired and built in that can’t be overridden. I never utilized the light details feature in my project. As always I suggest working on a copy of your project so you have a backup to go back to if needed.


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thanks very much, I will look into it.

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