LightTile.xaml question

I was following the example John did in his video on the device browser tutorial on the designer about copy/paste the LightTile.xaml. I renamed the original and renamed the copy to be a replacement for the original tile. It does work in the designer but when I upload to my tablet to see how it looks Home Remote crashes. I am assuming because the android app does not get the new LightTile.xaml. If this is the case that it needs my Light Tile template how do I put it in the app?

The new tile does not have to be installed separately on the app. It will come over with a restore of the project in the app. There is something else going on. If you would like to post the project after removing your credentials we can take a look.

Ok Thanks for the clarification. I just wasn’t sure what caused the crash but I will watch the video again and see where I went wrong and try again. BTW thanks for the videos they are very helpful