Loading Unloading HRP Files

I saw in the video how HRP files were loaded to an IPhone, and I assume process is similar for Android.No problem. I have a couple questions. I looked for this in the docs, videos, and forums and didnt see anything. Hopefully these are not repetitive, though I would be surprised if no one has asked them before.

  1. Once you have loaded the HRP file onto a device, how would you revert that and restore the app back to the original stock HRP file?
  2. I also installed the Windows 10 Store version (not the designer), and similarly, not sure where to put a custom hrp, let alone how to revert to default hrp state?

Attached is a SettingsReset.hrp file that I frequently use when I wish to revert back to original settings. It is just a backup that was generated after the app was 1st installed, before any changes were made.
SettingsReset.hrp (504 Bytes)

HRP files are registered to the Home Remote apps. When you tap them or double-click them, it will publish the file to the app. Sometimes, it works best when the app is closed before doing this. That’s especially true on Windows.

Ohhh…yes… that works perfectly. Thank you.