Lutron Caseta Device problem

For the past couple days, I’ve noticed that I couldn’t turn Caseta lights on/off and open/close serena shades. Thought maybe it was just a temporary issue for me, but it seems to be persisting. I’ve bounced the Lutron hub and see that it does have the ip address I’m expecting even though that shouldn’t matter. I tried creating a new project from scratch and adding just that device and receive “No such host is known”. I logged out of my account in the Lutron app directly and logged back in to make sure I was getting my id/password correct and no problems there. Not sure if anyone else has a Lutron hub and is experiencing this problem. Maybe Lutron pulled a Google. Bill, if you read this and need my login info to test, let me know. Thanks.

I’m looking into it. If you have the “PRO” version of the hub you can use the other Lutron device, the Telnet one.

This has been fixed in 3.4.0. The integration was almost completely redone. It’s no longer using a cloud connection. It’s now using a local connection. The pairing process is also a little different. Rather than logging into your account like before, you authenticate by clicking that small black button on the back of the bridge. When you open the app or start the simulator, it should automatically walk you through this. You shouldn’t have to regenerate your devices or anything like that. It’s still using the same Id’s as before.

Thanks, Bill. Works perfectly in the designer as you said with being prompted to push the black button. When I email/download the hrp file to my iPad, I never get a prompt. I get an error when trying to turn lights on/off “Could not resolve host ‘DEPRECATED’”.

Sounds like your iPad hasn’t been updated yet. Check to make sure you have 3.4.0 installed.

Thanks again Bill. Not sure why it didn’t work last night. This morning it worked on the iPad without having to push the black button again.

Since this is now local only, is there any benefit of running this or the telnet version, performance wise?

Would you recommend one over the other for any reason (assuming a PRO hub is being used)?

Performance wise, I expect they’d run about the same. Unless you are having issues, I really don’t see any reason to switch. The Caseta device is probably a little easier to setup since it’ll automatically sync all of your devices.

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