Lutron Caseta Diva Switches

I recently added two of the new Lutron Caseta Diva Dimmer switches to my home setup and repurposed the old caseta switches to control some different lights.

My issue has come up when trying to update my homeremote dashboard and add the new devices. I tried refreshing the lutron device source, and it updated with the new scenes and the repurposed switch details, but not the new Diva switches. Failing there, I deleted the lutron device source, and added it back (push black button, then “ok”, etc), it repopulated the list with all the unchanged and repurposed devices and scenes but again, not the two new diva style switches.

Questions to the board are: are others having this issue? Is there a different way to force the connection to Lutron switches? It seems strange that a specific switch type would cause this issue, unless lutron changed how they are controlled?

Thanks in advance for the help

Bump, anyone had the same issue?