I’ve been away from the forum for a while as I had no need to change anything. Now that I’m back, I wanted to follow-up on something I asked about a few years ago. Namely, support for something like $ubject that would allow people to create a sequence of steps that could be called from other routines.

Did anything come of this? Not a big deal if not but it would certainly help keep things clean vs having to copy and paste a whole series of commands for similar functions. For example, I have quick settings for each HT device button (x8) that will change the state of the other devices. There are about 9 common device commands in each and one unique one that is specific to that device / button. If I change one device (like I am doing with the projector), I need to go in to all 8 buttons to update the 3 commands for the new projector. vs doing it in one place.

Another thing was if it would be possible to link to such types of routines from the pop-out menu.