Make Direction Pad Buttons Work on Multiple Devices (like CEC over HDMI)

I’m not sure how to ask this…

Because of the voodoo magic of CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) over HDMI, I can use the direction pad buttons on my physical LG remote to control my Apple TV 4K and I can use the direction commands on my physical Apple remote to control my LG tv. So far so good.

I don’t understand how to bind my direction pad buttons on my Home Remote design to act the same way: that the direction pad buttons should act on the Apple TV and act on the LG TV, depending on the context of what I’m doing. It would be a pain if I needed to have two d-pad groups (one for LG tv and another for Apple TV). I’m sure that there’s a way to do this, but I am lost.

I have tried binding my d-pad buttons to LgSmartTv.MediaCommand (and when I do, they work on the LG tv, but not the Apple TV 4K). I have also tried binding my d-pad buttons to AppleMediaManager.MediaCommand (and when I do, the work on the Apple TV 4K, but not on the LG tv).

Please don’t laugh at my HRP. It’s far from done.

Strickland_2020-07-10.hrp (83.1 KB)

What you have should work. For CEC navigation, you should be able to use the LG TV device commands DirectionUp, DirectionDown, etc. I tested your project on my TV & those commands were able to navigate my attached Nexus Player Android TV OS. So it’s possible CEC control over IP may only work for the newer models. My TV is a 2019 model. It’s model number is 49UM7300.

My LG tv is a 55UM7300, manufactured in January 2020. So you and I basically have the same tv, just a slightly different size.

That’s strange. Not sure why it would work for the Nexus Player but not Apple TV.

Since 98% of the time, my need to use the d-pad and transport buttons is only for the Apple TV, I can bind them all to AppleMediaManager.MediaCommand and just add a another page just for d-pad control of the LG. That’s not that big of a sacrifice.

I’m still learning the new 3.x Designer system. So much is so new (to me) and light-years more powerful. If I just started from 3.x and then tried to learn 2.x I would probably say that 3.x is easier, because so much is done for you under the hood. But I learned 2.x first and now finding my way around 3.x is… a challenge for me.

I’m enormously grateful for all the improvements. I basically got my remote working in 2018 and never looked at Home Remote again until a few weeks ago when I got a new tv. I’m shocked (and very pleased) by the great improvements made to a product which was already great.

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