Marantz SR8002 via GC100-12 Serial Port

Anyone have experience setting up a Marantz Receiver to be controlled through a Global Cache GC100-12 using the serial port? I don’t want to use IR codes, rather the serial codes. I had this setup with iRule and I’m converting to Home Remote. I’ve been able to get a TV setup through the GC100-12 via one of the IR, ports, but I’m struggling with the serial control. The device is setup using port 1:1 as the serial cable is plugged into Module 1, and the first serial port. Not sure I’ve got the right control codes. Those that downloaded with the device appear to be IR codes. I’ve tried a code used with my iRule config (ie. PowerToggle = @PWR:0\x0D). No luck so far. Thanks.

I made a plugin for my Denon, but should work for a Marantz too. I don’t have time right now, but can provide you some files later on.

Thanks much, appreciate any help.