Media Browser loaded or unloaded?

I have tried to make the Media Browser for a camera visible or not visible on the screen by using a toggle button. The Event is bound to the camera and I was using loaded and unloaded to try to make this happen. I have used IsVisible as well but, nothing I try seems to work.

I can make borders, icons and such visible or invisible with no problem.

Is there something I am missing with this?

Your camera may not even support Events. Only a few integrations do. If yours does, I suggest looking at the default CameraDetails.xaml file. That file includes a MediaBrowser that displays events.

The camera stream works fine with either Events or Stream.

I was just trying to make the Media Browser or a Device Browser be displayed or not displayed on the screen.

Name the toggle button

Two event triggers on toggle button. First set event to checked, second set event unchecked.

On the media or device browser uncheck isvisible box.

On the media or device browser create a data trigger with +

Set binding to a element binding (the name you gave toggle button)

Under binding set option to ischecked and exit binding editor.

Set value to True

Go into setter collections editor and add a setter with +

Set property to isvisible

Set value to True.