Method "OpenDetails" not found

Hi! New to Home Remote and loving it so far! I’m having an issue where the details tiles don’t work. When I click the button that ought to trigger them it says “Method ‘OpenDetails’ not found” in a toast notification. These are for the built-in HSDeviceTile and Homeseer on a custom page I made with the designer. Similarly the WeatherStationTile with Netatmo does not do anything when tapped (although no error message comes up). Same behavior happens in the simulator with no further errors in the runtime log. Any ideas?

Is the HSDeviceTile hosted in a DeviceBrowser or how are you accessing it on your custom page? That method will not work when the tile is hosted in a PageBrowser control.

Oh okay, I didn’t really know what the difference between those two was other than I could get a device to actually show up in PageBrower and I couldn’t in DeviceBrowser. Where can I find documentation on how they work? Or how do I assign a device to a DeviceBrowser?

The Group & DeviceGroup properties are what powers that control. You will need to create a Group in the Groups folder. More info about this control can be found in the docs on this page.

I will say, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to use the DeviceBrowser if you are only going to be assigning a single device. If you want to design a custom button that isn’t using a Tile you can use the new App OpenDeviceDetails method.

Great thank you for the links. If I want to put a single device on a custom page using existing Tile templates, what’s the recommended way of doing that?

Sorry I feel like these are dumb questions but I’m having trouble finding answers in the docs

Add a button to the tile that calls MethodAction App OpenDeviceDetails with Parameters @Device.

Tiles were primarily designed to be hosted in the DeviceBrowser control. Generally speaking when you’re using a Tile there are going to be more tiles next to it. I may need to make some changes to it so it works better with the PageBrowser.

Ohhhh wow no this makes so much more sense. I do have multiple tiles next to each other, I was just trying to go layout first (e.g. define a tile, figure out how to add that tile to the layout, and then figure out how to assign a device to that tile) when it’s actually device first. (define a device, select a tile to render that device, group devices for display, add group to layout).

Thank you for the clarification and the incredibly flexible tool.

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