MiLight RGBW LEDs through the Vera controller - issue with Color comand


I have several MiLight RGB LED controllers that I use with WiFi bridges controlled by my Vera. Through the Vera I can command them from HR and I have successfully controlled Switch and Level capabilities.

BUT… I can’t control the Color. I looked into the Vera and these devices don’t seem to have a Color variable… they have a Hue variable. When I try to command or query the Color capability I get the error 501, Not Implemented.

They are set in the Vera as Device Category 2, SubCategory 4.

Any ideas on this gratefuly received.

Many thanks

The Home Remote uses the service urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:Color1 for Vera color control.

The command is SetColorRGB&newColorRGBTarget=

I have not worked with any MiLight products. Sounds like those products may not use the standard Vera color service.

Thanks Bill, thats very helpful. I am going to look into the MiLight Plugin and see what I see.


Hi Bill… Just to confirm… I was able to add the Color1 service to the MiLight plugin for Vera… I had to muddle my way through some Lua code to convert RGB to Hue, but we got there, and it world perfectly…

Many thanks for your pointer.

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