MQTT plugin stopped

After some time (many hours) my MQTT plugin stopped to work - no idea why.
Maybe any connection issue…
In log on tablet (created log label) do not see anything - it is also empty after crash.
At designer haven’t got the crash while running here.

The plugin will be stopped at all - no poll process is running more, values of all device attributes are empty.
(second plugin is still running - so the app itself is working)

Ho can be restarted a plugin and checked - is it running or not?


There was a bug discovered a week or 2 ago with the MQTTClient. This will be fixed in the 4.1.5 release which should be out later next week.

Long shot here, but I’ve been seeing “connection times out” every once in awhile with one of my devices that uses the MQTTClient. I have done zero troubleshooting at this point and have just dealt with it, but wondering if your fix may have something to do with that type of error, or if it’s unrelated.

Yes. It’s probably related.

Ok great - thank you :+1:

@bill - is there any fix in sight?
I have tried to use the .isConnected property, but it seems lost connection is not the only issue, the plugin is stopping after some time (and app crash in Android).


Sorry for the delay. I’ll try to get that published later this coming week.