My concept idea

As I fumble through with my various remote configs, I thought why reinvent the wheel? So I have an idea and maybe you experienced users can comment.
I have ip devices I need for remotes in my Home Control. Denon AVR, Dune player, Projector (on/off only). I also have whole house MAP1200 6 channel amp feeding these other rooms.
Finally I also have an app (DMC) that connects to Dune and gives a nice display of my music files to easily pick music.

So I thought if there is a way to use my existing remote apps on my Android that are perfect for controlling everything Denon, another one for Dune, and then the DMC app in HR? Maybe create a tabbed page that opens these apps within an HR page to use. Then I could mave navigation in HR also to go to my home automation, security, etc pages as well.

Otherwise I have to manually open these apps on my phone one by one to use them and jump back to HR for the other home automation things.

Could I just wrap these apps in a HR page to load and display just as standalone use would do? They all work via IP commands as it is.

I have done a simular approatch but on an IOS device. You have to find what opens your apps. Like this, for Spotify. Method: OpenUri Parameters:Spotify://. This will open Spotify. In the upper left corner you find a small text: Back to HomeRemote. That will take you back to HR.

Here is what my HR music page look like.

With Android, the command line is “intent”; however, Android 11 blocks this from working. Android 10 and earlier you should be good.

Shortcut to launch another IOS app - Questions - The Home Remote Community

I’m on Android 13! Is there a known workaround? How about something like Tasker?

Yes, I believe someone showed a workaround using Tasker.

Check out the “Simple Tasker Plugin”, as it can launch Android apps. I use Tasker to launch a weather radar app (so that I can see the radar on full screen and take advantage of the app’s features like zooming). What’s nice in doing it this way is pressing the back button will return you to THR.

Thats great. This is what I want to do. Too many remotes to just build in HR. Could you share your project so I could see how you did this please?

Have you been able to peruse the Simple Tasker Plugin thread? It should have the information you need, and if not, just ask.

I am embarrassed to share my project, as I consider it lame compared some of the projects shown on this forum. Besides, you are only interested in one button (the launch button) anyway.

I do my Home Automation using Homeseer products. Not that HS is better than HR, but I had most of my home automation implemented before I even discovered HR. I also run HS on tablets mounted on the wall. I got HR to replace my Harmony remote, and it runs on an old Android Cell phone (I think tablets on the wall make a poor TV remote). I do have some home automation implemented in HR, mainly because that device is what I have in my hand when watching TV.

I really can’t share my Tasker code, as it has become somewhat complicated and convoluted, and this site does not allow XML attachments anyway. If you have questions about Tasker, there are several excellent support forums with individuals like here very eager to help. If the questions are related to HR, you can also ask here.

Hey David,

How do you do with the IR & RF in HR?

I us an iTach with a blaster for IR. All my equipment is located in a server rack and it all can be blasted.
I also have a serial/IP Itach unit. But my Denon and Dune are IP controlled.

I like wise use Global Cache (iTach) as my IR blaster, but you can also utilize the Harmony Blaster as well (assuming the Harmony Hub is still functioning for you).

As far as setting it up, I believe the training YouTube videos go into that.

I don’t have/use a Harmony hub.