My Home Theater Remote Control

As a noob, I’ve been so grateful for the support of this Community over the last 4 months. I’m offering two versions of my recently-stable plain-old-vanilla home theater remote controller if anyone is interested. The first version [Home_Theater_Behavior.hrp] is a “behavioral” model divorced from actual devices, that I used to choreograph page transitions, button functions, and logical flows. It doesn’t need to find (or control) actual IP hardware, so I can work on it without disturbing my actual operational home theater system. The second version [Home_Theater.hrp] is same as the first, but with actual devices and full IP control of live IP hardware.

Fair warning: The radio tuner function is still a work in progress - it will be my first dip into the plugin pool, but for now is simply a blank stub.

I know this controller is not the most elegant or efficient implementation, but with all its warts and defects it currently works very well for me.

Dropbox locations (~10 Meg files):

  1. Home_Theater_Behavior.hrp Dropbox - Home_Theater_Behavior.hrp - Simplify your life

  2. Home_Theater.hrp
    Dropbox - Home_Theater.hrp - Simplify your life


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Thank You for sharing. A nice clean design. That,s what I like.