My HR Dashboard

Hi everyone,

After using HR for a few months now, spending a lot of time watching tutorials and browsing this forum, I think it’s time to show my HR creation. It is a very simple design and it runs on an iPad. I have integrated a Vera controller, Netatmo weather station, two Global Caché IP2IR modules and some IP communication with audio / video equipment. I found most of the images and textures on the web and adjusted them with Photoshop (emboss effects, shadow details).

First the home screen. It is only an overview of all connected devices, no control functions here. On the left are the buttons of the main menu, at the top the buttons of the submenu.

The light status is indicated with a light bulb off, 10% … 90% and on. The yellow glow around the lamp was created with the radial gradient tool in Photoshop.

When at least one wall outlet or switch plug is activated, the ‘all off’ button will illuminate. When you press this button, a ‘confirm’ button appears. The green light will change to a blinking red light for a few seconds. After pressing this confirm button, all wall outlets and switch plugs are switched off. If the confirm button is not pressed within a few seconds, it will automatically change back to the ‘all off’ button.

Each wall socket tile has also the ‘confirm’ function. The red line at the bottom of the tile is indicating a ‘count down’ before the tile turns back to the normal state.


Love the clean design.

Thank you Jdamore!

In the meantime I have added “All” buttons to the home screen to turn off all lights at once or to turn off all power or raise all window shadings at once. All these buttons are followed by a “cancel/okay” screen. When at least one light or power socket is switched on, the related “All” button LED turns green (otherwise the LED is turned off). The window shadings don’t give feedback for their position, so I leave that “All” button off. The LED of the “All” buttons turns red when the related cancel/okay window is visible.

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Hi Jep

Its awesome. do you mind sharing the.HRP file
Kind regards

Hi Martin,

No problem to share the HRP file. I have to check how to do that, without sending personal data. To be continued!

Thanks a lot, thats nice of you.
You can just delete all devices

Here you go. If you have any questions, comments or advice regarding this HRP file, please let me know!

iPad_V1.9THRF.hrp (3.7 MB)


Thanks a lot for sharing. I will let you know if I have any question.
Nice weekend.