My personnal project

Hello everyone
I started my Home Remote project 3 months ago.
I present to you today my project not yet finished but well advanced.
I use:

  • a 10-inch Meberry tablet with 1280x800 resolution.
  • Netatmo for thermostats
  • Sonos for music
  • Sonoff for some switches and shutters
  • Alexa for scenes not recognized by HR
  • Reolink for Toip cameras
  • Meross for connected sockets
    This is a project in French
    If it can help the community…

How you added the reolink cameras?

First add a new device IPCamera
Put Username and password of yor reolink application
Hostname = IP adress of your camera
Port = 554
Protoicol RTSP
Refresh Rate = 1
Authentification = auto
Display name = name of your camera

In your application put a webimage control
In the field source put Binding CamIPadress.Stream
and run your application, you must see your camera