Native AppleTV Support

Apple. Love them or hate them nobody can deny their market depth. AppleTV is one of - if not “the” #1 streaming device being used in commercial integrations. Because of their prevalence - every app maker out there wants their AppleTV app to be the best they have to offer.

Currently the device can be controlled via IR from THR - but just like everything else that already has a NIC: this would be great to have support for out of the box over IP.

Don’t shoot the messenger! :upside_down_face:

There is a Python solution, pyatv, that provides control over IP of the latest AppleTV devices. For non Python experts like me it includes atvremote, a simple script, that could be used as is to control all the AppleTV remote control features and more.

I have been using atvremote together with OpenHab to create complex rules to control my AVR and my AppleTV from Alexa voice commands.

The question is to know if it is possible to integrate the pyatv solution in the Home Remote environment? I don’t know if pyatv could be easily ported on Android or IOS. I am considering using MQTT to link my OpenHab and my HR environments

You can’t link Python projects to Home Remote.