Netatmo camera support

Any plan to add support to netatmo cameras ( welcom and presence)?
I was able to add local netamo camera streams to my project but add streams from netatmo servers is beyond my capability, cause it works till access token expiration and i don’t know how to create a plugin to automagically retrieve updated access data.

Yes, I’d like to at some point. This is an addition that will probably have me looking for donations so I can buy one of my own to test. For the thermostat, valve, & weather station integrations, there were a few users kind enough to share access to their devices with me. Not sure I can really take the same approach with the camera. Without one, it’d be hard for me to test things like automated switching between the local & cloud URLs.

No problem if you want to access my netatmo camera…it’s in my “hobby room” so probably all you can see it’s me smoking or my cats sleeping.
But why you want to switch from local to remote url? Just to have less delay if you are on same network?
Anyway i’m not skilled enough to try and create a plugin…i don’t know how to send a post command to retrieve the authtoken in homeremote.

For now i can create a media obiect bond to vpn url of the camera, but it last only 3 hours.

Ps. i have only netatmo welcome camera, no presence.