Netatmo not working


After adding Netatmo, I don’t see the device at the home screen from the home remote app.
When I choose setting, I see Netatmo. But no devices are visible. Strange.

If I look at the apple Home app, I see the 3 radiator valves. But not within The Home Remote app.

At this time only the Netatmo Thermostat, Weather Station, Rain Gauge, & Wind Gauge are supported. The Valve is not.

I can certainly add support for the valve though. But I will need someone to give me temporary access to theirs. Should only be a day then you can remove access. If you are interested please let me know. That valve is not sold here in the US, that’s why I am asking for your assistance.

Hello Bill,

Thanks for your help.
When you buy the valves, you need the Thermostat. So yes, I have it.
When I log in at my Netatmo website, I see that TheHomeRemote is having acces for Netatmo.
See picture. So it must work.
If you want acces, I can send you a pm with the link.

Toegang is Dutch for Acces.

Sounds good. Next week I’ll work with you to try & get these added to the app. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to start & need your info. Don’t worry about sending me anything yet.

Thanks Bill,

Have a nice weekend.

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I got some time to work on this now. Below is a link that shows how to share access to your Netatmo devices. My email address is Use that address when adding me.

Can you put a fully charged set of batteries in 1 of your valves?

And, if possible, can you put a very close to dead set of batteries in another valve?

I’m close to wrapping this up. What I’m working on now is converting their raw battery levels to a scaled percent value between 0% & 100%. I do not know the min & max raw values for their valve. The fully charged reading is probably the one I’m more interested in. You already have 2 that are in the low’ish range so I have a pretty good idea where its bottom is.

Don’t worry about putting too much time into this. If you have some batteries handy, great, if not don’t worry about it. I think I’ve got it close enough.

Version 3.3.0 was published to the store earlier this morning. It has support for your Netatmo radiator valves. Feel free to remove me from your account. I should be finished testing unless you find something you need me to look at.