Netatmo thermostat drains the batteries problem

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Netatmo Thermostat to make our house more efficient. We move the thermostat from room to room.
Since we installed it, the thermostat drains a set of batteries in just 1 week! The Netatmo website says that the battery can last up to 2 years.

I contacted customer service but I am still waiting for the reply.
Anyone can help me?

Thank you.


I am not sure what kind of response you will get here, since this is not a Netatmo Support site.

When I first got my smart locks, they too were draining the battery within 1 or 2 weeks. I came to find out that my Home Automation system was busy polling the lock every two minutes. When I turned off the polling entirely (my locks do not need to be polled), the battery life increased to about a year. I do not know if the Netatmo needs polling, but you can certainly increase the interval if it is being polled.