New tile for specific commands

Hi, I wonder if it would be possible to have a specific tile to operate a single function from a remote control? To put this in context, I have a Logitech Amp tile, connected to the Harmony remote control which contains a command to switch to a different auxiliary input. Would it be possible to have a tile to switch to this input without having to use several mouse clicks to open the Logitech Amp remote control, then click to the special buttons, then click to the required input?
Thanks very much

Hi Paul,
I am sure this is possible - you can create your own template tile (i.e. LogiTech_Input_change) which contain serval buttons (HDMi 1 / HDMi 2 /…) with binding to your Harmony device.
Do you need a example tile?


Yes but it sounds like what you need is a simple button. Tiles in Home Remote are used within a device browser which is a container that gets populated with a tile that is a template button that can be applied to multiple devices. i.e. switches for multiple lights. This video explains tiles and device browsers.

Thanks Kalle, Yes please. I have watched Tarkus’s video and it is all a bit complicated for me! I had a good fiddle with my set-up but couldn’t find a way to do this. The best solution for me would be a toggle switch which toggles between “InputCoax” and “InputOptical2”. I have no idea how to do that though.

Thanks John, that is really useful but I can’t find a way to achieve what I would like to. How can I bind a toggle switch to the inputs I want?

Have you watched the trigger tutorials?

Thanks John, I’ll check those out and have a go! Happy Christmas!

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Hi Paul,
John puts you on the best path - I know the same thing, you want quick results and don’t want to spend hours watching videos, but it will help you avoid mistakes.
John’s and Brian’s videos are really perfect though - everything very well explained.

Now back to your configuration or what you would like to have quickly:
You want to switch between different inputs using a button (I wouldn’t use a toggle button for this).

Simply create a button for each input using a grid.
Select the first button and add an EventTrigger to it that executes the command to switch the input (e.g. coax).
Now do the same with the second and third buttons with the respective commands for the other inputs.

I could imagine that this is exactly where the difficulty lies for you - assigning a command to the button, right?
Here there is now also the possibility that the button changes when it is selected or even more complicated - depending on whether your receiver gives feedback on the current status.
Unfortanly, I have no Harmony device to show you an exact example, maybe we can all work together step by step to help you with this - I think in the videos John has linked, this is explained quite well somewhere.

Merry Christmas,

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