New "Tile" not present error message

On this last Saturday I started getting the error message -“The given key ‘Tile’ was not present in the dictionary” when I try to select one type of my custom buttons. It happens on 2 different android phones. It works running the simulator in Designer on my Windows 10 machine. It just recently started and I haven’t made any recent changes to my file. Any ideas?

Download the latest Designer update, version Open your project with the new version & save your project. Then send the updated project back to your Android devices.

Or you can wait for 4.1.4 to go live on Google Play. It was uploaded to the store yesterday but Google has been very slow with their reviews as of late so it could be a few days. If you want to fix it now, just use the Designer.

Thanks Bill, I’ll give it a try tonight.

I’m getting the exact same message when clicking my IP camera tiles to open their video stream. Not sure what version of designer I’ve been using lately, will have to check.

Android version is

In case you don’t have access to the Designer, I went ahead & uploaded the new Android APK to the website. Google has been very slow with their reviews so you can sideload the update right now if you’d like.

Or, like I said earlier, you can update your project with Designer Simply open the project, save the HRP, then send it back to the Android app.

Either of these 2 options will fix the issue.

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I’m not at home and not near my PC with the designer on it.

I’ve installed that APK on my phone and when clicking my IP camera tiles it now opens their details / video feed OK again.

So thanks.

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