Newb Question - Available Device Actions

Hi there, very excited to start building a custom remote using Home Remote!. I’ve gone through tutorials and have successfully created a few remotes controlling my devices, including those discovered through my Harmony hub. I was amazed to see THR automatically display controls for my selected devices and activities without having to build the pages out myself.

I am interested, however, in starting a new project from scratch. I have been able to map button clicks to device events and corresponding actions. I can’t figure out, however, how to determine what actions values are available for a given bound device. By typing in “Play” I can get my device to play on click but I don’t know where to find or select from a list of available actions. THR seems to to be able to figure this out when it builds controls dynamically so I imagine I am missing something.

Thanks in advance for the help with my basic question!

Add a GridView to your test page & bind the ItemsSource property to NvidiaGameConsole.SupportedMediaCommands. Then start the simulator. The GridView should list all available commands.

Thank you so much for the help. Will give it a try!