Noob Questions (Sorry)

I have picked and poked all over trying to find good documentation for HR Designer software. If anyone has any links to pass me I sure would appreciate it much.

Among a few other things I am stuck trying to trap a variable change and run a script when it does. I started to look at using a plugin but can’t find much info to help me.

Does HR have a Wiki page? or another site with information?

How do I get started?


I generally recommend users start with the apps 1st. Don’t start using the Designer until you’ve got your devices working with the apps. Once you’ve verified everything works, then export a Backup on the Settings page & open that file with the Designer. That way you have a complete & functional HRP that you can edit & study.

The only documentation available is that which is available on which you’ve probably already reviewed. There are some great How-To videos on YouTube that will go over everything in more detail. Here’s a list of them all:

But again, start with the apps 1st & export a Backup. It’s usually much quicker & easier to edit an existing project rather than start from scratch.

Hello i have also this noob question i think:
Ive installed the app on my samsung android.
I made a page with some buttons.
This is working with my Homeseer 4 domotic.
Now as you write: backup a file and use this to edit in desgner.
But i get a zip file when i make a backup on my android phone.
This (Zip) file will not be opened bij designer also not when i have unzipped this file in windows.
In the zip file there are the devices and group files.
So in the app there wont be made a HRP file???
What am i doing wrong?

When you get the onto your PC, rename the ZIP extension to HRP. Some Android devices have problems handling the HRP extension so that’s why it exports a ZIP instead. The files are exactly the same, it’s only the extension that’s different.

Thans for very quick answer, im gonna try and design something :slight_smile:

I found all kinds of good stuff on the Home Remote Google group. Looks like in the past it was the go-to site to announce new features and versions. I recognized some of the same members there as also on here. I joined the group and started downloading examples that were posted and they have been a big help.