Nvidia Shield - Long press

So, does anyone know what command could be used for an nvidia shiled for a long press?

I don’t need it to actually require a long press on the app, I just want something that will send the same command.

I run Kodi on my shield and there are some functions only available with the long press on the remote. For instance, when a movie is highlighted and you hold it the select button it opens a menu where you can manage the title and other options. Some of these options are not available elsewhere (that I know).

And on the main Shield OS, a long press allows you to move apps around (not nearly as important to me as the Kodi menu).

So, is there a command that is used for that? I tried the “Menu” command I saw in the thread on the Shield’s supported commands, hoping that would bring up those context menus/actions, but it just gave an invalid command error message (I have the 2019 shield, the thread is for 2017 Shield).

I think this is the last thing I don’t have working on my remote.