Odd behavior from a device browser

I created a DeviceBrowser to display some of my security sensors. Then I added buttons to switch between a couple of groups. It mostly works, but I just noticed something odd. The first time I come in and click on the “Bedroom” button, this is what I see (green background added for clarity):

If I then click Office, I see this:

So far so good. However - if I then click Bedroom again, I see this:

The interesting this is that all the bedroom sensors are in the list, as I can scroll to see them. It’s just that after that sequence of events, only the first three lines are visible (which happens to be the number of sensors showing for the office). The only thing I’m doing in the buttons is a PropertyAction to change the Group property on the DeviceBrowser. Any idea what’s going on?

More information (and not as bad, but still odd). It appears this is only happening in the simulator. I tried it in both the Windows and Android apps and it works as expected.

Can you send me a stripped down project to test? I really only want a page with those 3 controls. Don’t include anything more in the project than is needed. You can email it to support@thehomeremote.com

I’m happy to do that - however - the devices in the list come from HomeSeer, and I have a HUGE number of devices in my HomeSeer install. I presume though that I would need to include the entire HomeSeer device in order for this to work?