Onkyo Auto-Discover Issues?


Has anyone had issues with discovering Onkyo receivers through the built-in integration? I have about 50 or more on this one network and about 95% of them were discovered properly. The ones that were not discovered do have a network connection, I can ping and visit the webpage for the device.

Does anyone have any ideas? If needed I can try to connect directly through telnet with a custom plugin but would try to stick with the finished integration.

Thank you!

Copy & paste an existing Onkyo source that was found then change the IP address to the desired value & reset the Identifier field. If you don’t reset the identifier field the Home Remote may possibly change the IP during runtime to the address with that Id. The Identifier is really sort of an optional field. It’s used during discovery so it doesn’t create duplicate sources. It’s also used when a device fails to connect. If the Identifier field is set & the connection fails, the Home Remote will send a discovery request to see if the IP address changed. If your units have fixed IP addresses you really don’t need the identifier. I’ll have to see if there’s a way for you to find the Identifier for the unit. I don’t recall if there’s a way to do that. For the being, just leave that blank for the units it didn’t find.

After copying & pasting an existing device it’ll also probably be a good idea to delete the Device objects that were copied over & then run “Synchronize Devices”.

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