Onkyo TX-NR818 with Global Cache

I have a simple a/v system consisting of a Roku, Onkyo TX-NR818 and an Epson Home Cinema 3020 projector. I control the Roku directly with IP controls (I have my router assign it a static IP via MAC address), and I control the projector and receiver with a GC-100 via RS-232.

I’m transitioning from iRule, and have several remotes already set up to control this system via iRule. I would like to keep them functioning as I transition my other setups one-by-one. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a repository of commands for the GC-100, along with the other devices in my system? (RS-232 for receiver and projector, and IP for Roku)

  2. My Onkyo receiver is wifi capable with an add-on module, but I prefer wired connections where possible. I saw in a post on here that the GC-100 isn’t recommended, but mine has worked flawlessly with iRule. My receiver has an ethernet port, but I don’t know if it can receive commands through this port or not (does anyone know if this is possible? For some reason I had it in my mind that it’s only for firmware updates but I could definitely be wrong). Should I ditch the GC-100 and connect to it directly through my network? I’m fine with that if I can control it through the ethernet connection (if possible).


  1. The Home Remote has built-in integration with the Global Cache IR database (control tower) but to my knowledge there isn’t a database of RS-232 commands. I’m not sure how that would even work if there was one. With RS-232 you are interacting directly with manufacturer’s control protocol. Everyones control protocol is different. It’s not like IR where all commands are sort of sent in the same fashion, regardless of the device. There are several plugins shared in the forum. I know there are projectors as well as Roku plugins.

  2. The Home Remote has built-in Onkyo integration. I’d recommend using that if possible. The TX-NR818 does appear to be almost 10 years old so I can’t say for sure if it’s compatible but I definitely recommend trying. The only issue with the GC-100 is that it only supports 1 active connection. If you have the app open on several devices, you will have connectivity issues. The Home Remote terminates its connections when the screen turns off so you can still have it installed on as many devices as you want. You just can’t be using them all at the same time (simulator included). So it really depends how you plan on using Home Remote. If you’d like to have these all connected at the same time then I recommend upgrading to either iTach, Flex, or Global Connect.

Here’s the Roku plugin you can use.

Thank for your reply, Bill! I’m relatively new to low-level controls, so bear with me a moment.

My iRule connects to my Onkyo and projector through the GC-100. The GC-100 connected to my remote through the network (the GC-100 is connected via ethernet, which connects to my remote (an ipad) wirelessly). iRule has been controlling these with this setup for 7 or 8 years. I had no idea that iRule sold to another company almost 5 years ago until I decided to modify some of the remote functionality and needed assistance. Imagine how surprised I was when the web links were dead and did a Google search!

So… the RS-232 controls are out there since iRule worked with it. Are you saying iRule had proprietary information/commands that won’t work with TheHomeRemote? My GC-100 has six IR connections, but I’m not a fan of IR at all, unless bidirectional communication/polling is now possible. It’s why I went with iRule in the first place (to be able to always knows what devices are set to particular settings, etc.).

Regarding my Onkyo TX-NR818, is there an easy way to determine if it can be controlled via ethernet? Never mind… spoke with Onkyo today and none of their receivers allow control via ethernet–just RS-232. Even their modern flagship receivers. So… other than IR, how can I control my Onkyo with TheHomeRemote? It seems like it would be a huge oversight to not allow RS-232 communication. It seems all of the high-end electronics come with RS-232 for that purpose alone.

Hi Jonathan,

I am running an Onkyo TX-NR609 which I think is a year older than your unit and it works just fine over ethernet using the home remote. I too prefer a wired connection. One tip - you will need to go into the settings and set the “Network Standby” setting to “On” or it will not respond to commands when the unit is off. I believe the communication protocol for ethernet and RS232 is the same, but Onkyo is mistaken about whether you can control the units with ethernet. I also have a newer TX-RZ830 which also works just fine with the home remote.

No, that’s not what I’m saying. I think it is very unlikely that your projector has proprietary commands that only iRule can use. Check the manufacturer’s website for information on your device’s control protocol. If they aren’t listed, email them. They should be able to provide you that info. Once you have that then update 1 of the plugins here in the forum to send the necessary commands.

Steve–thanks for your comment. It’s very disappointing that an Onkyo technical support person told me that. In fact, I later verified (and you confirmed) that it is possible to control the unit via ethernet. Sheesh.

I did find a comprehensive list of commands for Onkyo/Integra units. I’ll be happy to upload it if anyone would like to see it. To test my Onkyo for ethernet connectivity, is there a command I can type in using Putty, etc., to send a command it its IP addy to see if it works? If so, I’ll likely switch over to direct IP control.

Bill–thank you again for your quick reply. So… I can go through the GC-100 to my other devices? I’m assuming I will have to “talk”: to the GC-100 letting it know what port to send the commands to. Is there any guidance on how to set that up? Regarding the GC-100, I assume it only allows one command at a time–it doesn’t just lock out other devices. I have iRule on my phone as well as my wife’s phone, and we’ll go back-and-forth with control when watching things (pausing, volume, etc.). I’ve never had any issues with it thus-far. I can see that being an issue, however, if you’re using it to control a vary large number of things.