Only top 1/3rd usable on Android

On two tablets (android 6 and 7) and one phone (android 9) I can only use the top 1/3rd of the screen. On Windows 10 everything works fine.

I used a canvas to add a floor-plan with all my lamps:

I can see all buttons, but only the top 1/3rd of the screen seems active. The rest of the buttons give no reaction.

Any clue what is going wrong?


I honestly have no clue, but still somehow feel the need to respond… so take this with a grain of salt.

If I were playing with it myself, I’d try switching to a grid and making sure all elements stay within the grid boundaries. Possibly something is technically off the screen due to it’s placement/settings but still visible? I believe grids scale better between screen sizes.

It might also help if you posted the project, with all credentials removed, then others could take a look and see if they experience the same issue.

Thanks Andy, I will give this a try.
If that doesn’t help I’ll post a little project.


I have had this happen, not necessarily the bottom 1/3 but random areas of the my projects. What I have done to troubleshoot is start deleting elements save out different versions of the project until you find the culprit. It may be a matter of just recreating the problem element. It could also be a layering issue once you find the culprit try changing the layering, order.

Thanks John, but if it was a layering issue the same would happen with Home Remote Pro in Windows 10, and that wasn’t the case.

But it’s solved now: Created a new page, with a fine grid and copied the background + all the icons over and all works now on Windows 10 ánd Android. Thanks for the hints Andy and John.