Open details in pagebrowser

Is there any way to open details page in a page browser from a tile in a device browser?

Also, is there any way to set for example background color of a element on one page from a trigger event in an other page?

No. What you could do is have your tiles update a virtual device. Then bind the Page & Device properties on your PageBrower to the virtual device.

Not, triggers are isolated to their individual pages. They cannot change items on another page. Same as above. Use a virtual device as a bridge between the 2 pages.

I’m trying to accomplish this, but I’m running into some issues. Here’s what I understood for how to set it up:

  1. I created a Virtual Device, then I added a Variable with just a name.
  2. On the IPCameraTile.xaml, I changed the EventTrigger Action to a DataAction which is bound to my VirtualDevice. I set that value to {Binding @Device.Stream}.
  3. On the IPCameraDetails.xaml, I changed the source to the Virtual Device
  4. On my Camera viewer page, I created a PageBrowser and set the Device to the Virtual Device and the Page to IPCameraDetails.xaml.

I put a label on the page to read the virtual device, and it seems to have the stream information correctly (i.e. rtsp://

I get a brief popup of Invalid username/password and blank pagebrowser.

When the IPCameraTile.xaml is default, it opens the details page full screen without asking for username/password, so I’m not sure why that’s coming up.

Did I setup correctly?

You’re saving a URL in a virtual device? Why not just use the IP Camera device?

That’s what it’s there for. I’m confused why you are using a virtual device for this. Seems unnecessary.

@bill ,
Is he trying to create a camera pop-up? The title for his post is confusing… And there is also the OnVif plug-in, it add cameras really quick.

I may have got it all wrong…But if not then it could be a camera scene like one we discussed here :

@Eman I think he’s trying to display the camera stream in a PageBrowser.

Yes! Use the ONVIF device if your cameras support the protocol. That’s the best device to use. For cameras that don’t support the protocol, use the IPCamera device.

Then it works well with : DataTrigger & a Scene (action = PopPage)

You first create the Page Browsers for the locations and which include the Media Elements for the for Cameras. They are then brought into focus using say motion triggered using the above actions…

And how to close the Scene : EventTrigger = unloaded with property action to show another page (isVisible) after motion

Lets hope that’s what he is looking for…

I didn’t know I could assign a device to a virtual device. I thought it had to be part of the device!

So I changed step 2 to {Binding @Device} and changed the details.xaml back to default.

My page browser now stays blank, but I don’t get the username/password error. Is there a way to check to see if the device is passing to the virtual device correctly?

This is correct. Eman, I tried the PopPage as you described, though I’m not sure I’m executing it correctly. Here’s the screen layout that I’m trying to accomplish. Whenever I click on one of the camera preview tiles, I want the camera to fill the big black area on the right (PageBrowser) with the camera feed.

Set the Device property on the PageBrowser to the name of the IPCamera you’d like to view.

Your setup is wrong. Keep the Page the PageBrowser is bound to generic @Device. Don’t change it to your virtual device. Your virtual device should be controlling the Device property on the PageBrowser.

OK guys,
At this point follow @bill 's guide because you have yours differently and trying to recycle or reuse the Page Browser (I have many). So where you have the camera locations on the left, I have buttons for locations. And each location with it’s own Page Browser which contains cameras and other devices as well. But would borrow your idea as well for my main camera item button. Mine at the moment (project unfinished but functional) are triggered by motion and touch of the room button.

And named the Scene “Front Door Camera” but anything goes…

Works with the information I provided earlier

Sorry I’m getting a bit confused!

Below on the CCTVPage, I have the PageBrowser Device set to the Virtual Device, and the Page to the IPCameraDetails.xaml. When I have the Page set to {Binding @Device}, nothing happens as well.

The DeviceBrowser on the left is populated with the IPCameraTiles.xaml from my CameraGroup

IPCameraTiles.xaml has en Event Trigger that Binds the Virtual Device to the current Device.

IPCameraDetails.xaml is back to its default settings.

So @bill , are these the actions ( when camera on the left when touched) the results would then show up on the right in the page browser? And I assume that Page Browser remains static unlike mine…??? Am sure I would like that as well!

And guys I hope am not spoiling things but shouldn’t that Page Browser contain an empty Media Element which should not be bound to a camera as it will have to change based on actions?..

I don’t know. There’s a hundred different ways to design something. I’m a bit busy right now.

Get rid of the Binding in the Value. Change {Binding @Device} to @Device

…or change “Value” to {Binding @Device.Name} that should work too.

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That was the answer!

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