Can You Show A Page Based On Received Mqtt Topic?

Hi Bill,
Is it possible to automatically show a page in the page browser based on a subscribed mqtt topic? Right now I can automatically open the screen on the tablet using Tasker. So I was thinking of opening a page with a camera and based on motion (sensor) in that area.
It’s is easy to send out (pub) topics but how do you subscribe to them to activate elements?

You can add a DataTrigger to the PageBrowser that changes the Page property. It’s really no different than any DataTrigger you’d configure for a Button or ToggleSwitch. All work the same way. You may also want to create a Scene so it ensures your actual page is opened. You’ll probably need both the DataTrigger & a Scene.

It sounds similar to this one : I will have a look deeper into it and try it.

Thank you for the response.

OK Bill,

I almost got it working but sadly the page turns up on its own…? I think I would need the page browser to show the page so everything else stays in place. But also if there was an option to simulate a push on a element (button) as in my case I mapped buttons for areas, that would do all the work because each button is set to close all the other pages and only display the area mapped to it. Illustration image below -

Edit I tried again using the DataTrigger & a Scene (action = PopPage) and the EventTrigger (to close down all the other Pages) and this works! But…I can’t seem to be able to trigger it using mqtt so I went for a motion sensor for input.
And with the above the page closes again after the Motion sensor reverts to no motion.
One point though in a setting like that is may be not to have more detection inputs in case there is a collision…? I think I can live with that… :thinking:

Hi Bill,

I managed to add another EventTrigger = unloaded with property action to show another page (isVisible) after motion and it works great!

Thank you.

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