Opening on iOS 9 only shows loading icon

I just installed the app on an iOS 9 ipad but when I try to open the app it just a blank screen with a loading circle in the middle.
Restarted the ipad, same issue.

Is this before loading your HRP file?

Yes, no buttons available to do anything so…

I have the same issue on two iPad mini 9.3.6 .
The Home remote version: 3.11.0
Reboot or reinstall … no change



The oldest simulators I have available to test in XCODE are 10.4.0. They don’t let me to go back as far as version 9. I did test those 10.4.0 simulators this last release & everything worked fine. I’m probably going to have to look to see if I can buy cheap version 9 iPad. Either that or maybe I should just drop support for iOS 9.

Is that the newest version you guys can install? Will those tablets let you install iOS 10?

Unfortunately I can’t upgrade. 9.3.5 is that latest version.

Hi Bill,

It’s no longer possible to upgrade iPad.
I have a lot of fibaro devices and it was working before, Apple store says there is a upgrade but after upgrade it’s not working any more. Downgrade the app is also no longer available on Apple store.

Renards Dirk

Unless you guys want to buy me an old iPad mini I can’t really support it. Like I said, the oldest simulators available in XCODE are 10.4.0. It looks like an old iPad mini goes for about $100. I accept PayPal donations in case you guys want to pool some money together.

In the release this week, I’ll remove iOS 9 support so it doesn’t show in the store listings.

I’ve got the same issue here trying to use an old iPad mini. Works on 12.4.8 smooth but stuck in a loop on 9.3.5. I’m happy to chip in for an iPad mini for testing here

Hi there, just saw this thread. Exactly same here: got a couple of iPad 2 I wanted to recycle running under 9.3.5 and such in a boot loop when launching the app.
I’m happy to donate $20 for you to buy an iPad 2: any other volunteer?

Donation made… just in case other wants to as well!!!

Thanks for the donation @gael ! Let’s see if we can get just a couple more.

Donated via paypal here also

Thanks @stumurphy! This brings the total to $45.

$20 Donation made :slight_smile:

Thanks @WEHA! That puts us at $65.

This is probably enough for me to buy one. If I have to, I can cover a little bit out of my own pocket. But if anyone else watching this thread wants to contribute that’ll be much appreciated!

Thanks Stuart & Weha! anyone else? would be great to show our support to Bill!

I ended up buying 1st gen iPad mini the other day. Just waiting for it to arrive.

All iOS 9 devices should work again. This was fixed in the 3.13.0 update.

Looking good!

One issue I cam across: When clicking restoring there is a bubble that pops up at the very top but it’s very small to the point that it seems empty.
After fiddling with a few times I was able to click it to open up the locations dialogue.

EDIT: Oh, and when I click a tab it seems to freeze :frowning:
No button, no tab, no tile, not swiping is working.
The cameras on the first screen keep working though, so it seems the tiles do update.