Opposite to WOL

is there a way to switch off devices by Ip?
I think about synology NAS for exemple

You would normally need something like ssh (to send a command to power off). This is not directly possible with The Home Remote (THR) but can be done with Home Assistant (and it’s integration within THR). I’ve done it that way to power off my Synology NAS.

thanks for your feedback, so no way to integrate this SSH command in a Thr plugin if I understand well? (sorry I’m nub)

Not that I’m aware off.

You probably could do it with a new plugin. A chance to learn how to write a plugin!

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Usually done over global cache, either IR or IP with a power command.

thanks, I’m waiting for my global cache, but NAS has no IR, and there is no commands list

information on syno website to jump on Red Grant reply (only way to do it remotly apparently):

From SSH

If you are familiar with SSH, you can restart or shut down your DiskStation from the command prompt. You must enable access via SSH before you can use it.

Login via SSH to your DiskStation. Use the following commands to either restart or shut down your DiskStation immediately.

restart: sudo shutdown -r now shutdown: sudo shutdown -h -P now

Note that instead of now, you can schedule a shutdown ahead of time

I had a Synology shutdown working with ssh via my Vera hub so it is possible. Somewhere along the way I reconfigured the NAS and it stopped working and I was never able to get it to work again. Possibly one of the updates to the DSM had an impact. After thatI was using a power management utility that detected no activity for a period and shut down the NAS. It worked well but became incompatible after updates to DSM.