Option to disable auto-lock on IOS

It would be nice if the IOS app had an option to disable auto-lock to prevent IOS from locking the phone/tablet due to inactivity within the app. Ideally it would be a toggle in settings to allow one to choose whether to auto-lock.

All my devices are password protected and IOS is configured to lock them after 10 minutes of inactivity. So, if I start the TheHomeRemote app and don’t interact with it for 10+ minutes, IOS will lock the device - requiring me to unlock the device before I can continue to use the app.

I know individual apps can over-ride the auto-lock while they are running. The Harmony app does, for example, giving the option in settings as to whether auto-lock is is enabled.

Hi, i use ‘guided access mode’ on my opad to prevent auto-lock, my screen stays unlocked and on the Home Remote app unless i turn this off, can enable it in the settings then press the home button three times to activate / de-activate.