PageBrowser Scrolling

Is it possible to scroll within the PageBrowser? I read in an earlier post it was to be possible in a future release. I’m using version 3.17.


Hey Bob… welcome to the new forum.

Thanks, John. Hopefully someone here can give the answer to the PageBrowser scrolling question. I’m really enjoying learning Home Remote.

Scrolling isn’t built-into the PageBrowser but you can add a ScrollViewer to your layout to make it scrollable. There are 2 different ways of doing this:

  1. You can add a ScrollViewer to your page that has the PageBrowser.
  2. You can add a ScrollViewer to the actual content page. Not the main page that has the PageBrowser.

Attached are examples showing both options.
PageBrowserScrolling_Option1.hrp (3.7 KB)
PageBrowserScrolling_Option2.hrp (3.7 KB)

Thanks Bill…I went with Option 1 and works great. Will scrolling ever be native to Page or Device Browsers?

A follow on, if you don’t mind. I’m attempting to scroll through a list of buttons of my favorite TV channels. However, when I scroll, whichever button I touch on the screen executes a “pressed” action. Is there a best practice on working this? My only solution would leave some dead space on the side to use to scroll. I really don’t want to have the scroll bar visible.

Thanks very much.

Scrolling is built-into the DeviceBrowser. It could possibly be added to the PageBrowser, I’m not sure.

Scrollbar is really only visible in the Windows apps. You can just ignore that area in the simulator. You’ll definitely also want to test that on your actual device.

In general, you should probably use the “Clicked” events & not “Pressed”, but that’s kind of up to you.

Thanks for the reply. The only reason I used “Pressed” was because I wanted to change the image then change it back when “Unpressed”.
I haven’t yet figured out how do it with “Clicked/Unclicked”. Forgive me, I’m new!!! :slightly_smiling_face: