Passing parameters to Home Assistant

Is it currently possible to pass parameters to Home Assistant? Calling services such as light.turn_on is working fine by setting the binding entity state to on but I can’t seem to find a way to pass parameters.

I’ve added a screenshot of an example list of parameters supported on a light in Home Assistant.

What parameters do you need? The Home Remote can certainly do more than just turn your light on. It maps your HA light commands to HR Capabilities. HA Lights support the following HR Capabilities:

  • Switch
  • SwitchLevel
  • ColorControl
  • ColorTemperature

For lighting a example would be to specify a transition time.

Other home assistant services like remote.send_command requires parameters to be passed to it like the device, command, number of repeats, delay seconds and hold seconds.

Home remote shows my broadlink rm pro but to my limited understanding there is no way I can can tell home assistant I’m trying to invoke the hdmi_input_1 command on the device hdmi_switch from the broadlink remote.
A typical home assistant call would look something like this.

To send your HDMI command add a DataAction & set the Binding to your MediaCommand attribute. Set the Value of the DataAction to hdmi_input_1.

For repeat commands, set the ButtonType to Repeat. The RepeatInterval is the delay between subsequent requests while the button is held.