Password Protected hrp File

Is it possible to protect our custom designed hrp file with password or pin??
situation( if someone opening our own designed hrp file in home remote designer, ask the password first to open the file)(not in home remote android or ios application)

It is not currently possible to password protect the HRP.

could you add the hrp protection feature in the next update??

The HRP is just a ZIP file renamed. Are you wanting to password protect the ZIP file? If so, you would also have to enter the password when opening it with the apps because they will be unable to extract it without.

Or, are you wanting to just add a setting to one of the XML files within the HRP that stores a “Designer Password”? Then when you open the HRP with the Designer, have it prompt you to enter the “Designer Password”. One of the potential issues for you here is that anyone can edit those files outside of the Designer & simply remove that setting. Once they remove it with a simple text editor they could then open it with the Designer.

I need the “Designer Password”…
If you don’t mind please explain how it’s work and
How to add the “setting” to XML file…:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your time…:grinning:

It doesn’t work yet. I was just wanting to get a better understanding of what you are looking for.

I am working in a home automation company and looking for a unique,good looking GUI design for our customers. We are not intrested to share our designs to others(other companies). Situation : if the customer approach other automation companies for service queries or new things, they can see our project UI and they(other company) can copy our HRP(if they need) with or without the customer permission. And they can edit and sell to their customers (without effort).

I hope you can understand our Home Remote designers spending their lot of time and effort for each and every actions and design…
So if somebody copy the design and functions without the author permission, that’s so…:unamused:
That’s why i am looking for secure our HRP file.
I want to restrict unauthorised editting or modification in our HRP files…

I hope you can understand what i am looking for and what i wrote…:slightly_smiling_face:

I see. Thanks for the explanation. I’ll try to get something added for you.

Thanks for your time :blush:

Hi bill , i hope you’re working on the give request…:blush:

Any updates??? I hope you’ll help me…