Peculiar buttontext - IOS 9

Just got one step further with my Vera -> HR
Running IOS 9.3.5 on a Ipad3

The text on my buttons has started to behave strange:
Text Underlined
When I add an Icon (Standard HR-icon) the text on that Button turns blue.

In Simulator (Win 10, Designer No underlining, no extra colour.
On an Android pad (Android 5.0.1) No underlining, no extra colour.

Not a big issue - I am living well with it.


On my iPad Mini running iOS 9, I am not seeing this issue. Buttons with Icons & underlined Text do not appear with blue color.

Here is the project I tested. Please load this on your device & take a screenshot for me.
iOS_UnderlinedButton.hrp (3.4 KB)

The project you sendt responds as in my mail.
I changed the project by copy/paste/change the button.
Project attached
My iPad were not too cooperative when i tried a screenshot - the top button was too sensitive - sent the pad into sleep every time I tried the two-buttons-and release to take the screenshot.
Used my phone to take a snapshot - attached
underline_2.hrp (3.5 KB)

Here’s what I’m seeing on my iPad mini. Not sure why it’s behaving differently on your iPad. I don’t really have answer for you right now.

Also, that project you posted does not have the TextDecorations set to Underline. It’s set to None. So it also seems strange that all 3 Buttons in your pic have underlined text. That’s perhaps another bug. Unless you’re running a different project than the one you posted.

Tested the last project you sent me - same result on the Ipad3+IOS9. - same peculiar result.
On an iPAD Air3 (?) + ipad0s 13 Shows as designed - correct underlinings and text colors.

I also made a new project - adding Button no. 4 using Text decoration strikethrough. The new button ended up with Text underlined+Strikethrough+Blue color.

As a last test I checked an old project (dated Jan. 3) which i believe was made on Designer 3.16.
Project made to test buttons and sliders. Buttontext not undelined.

Result on the iOS9-pad - Button text underlined

Anyhow- I do not care so put it in the “not so important to-do” pile.