Philips Hue Bluetooth

Hey all,

i have a Philips Hue Bluetooth LIght.

Is this contrallable via Home Remote?

Ok, i see this is not directly possible through Philips API.

But I saw I can use Alexa Voice Service so i could say a command like “Turn my LIght off”.

The problem is, that im using Alexa only in German, means my Light also is named “Licht” which is German and means light. And the AVS is only talking in English from what I see, even if my Alexa is in german.

Is it possible to change the language which is used to talk?


Is this on all platforms (Android, iOS, & Windows)? Which Home Remote apps have you tested?


well, i use the Home Remote Windows App. My Windows PC is on English. May this be the reason?

Maybe. That’s why I’d like to determine if this is happening on all of your devices. Do you have any Android or iOS devices you can test?

Sure, ill try it on my Android Phone. Brb

Yep, still on English even if my App is on German/Phone.

I actually found a workaround for this xd

Since “Light” and “Licht” sound very familiar, I can use “*Light off” to turn off my light which is actually called “Licht”. I can still even use “Licht” as a name still. Got lucky here lol

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Hey Bill,

can u help me on this thing too? I want to make a Desktop Shortcut for my AVS Shortcuts.

I know its made like this for Normal LIghts if i would have one:


Since this is not a Light, and only just a AVS Command, would it be something like this?



Yes, but the name in the query string parameter has to match the name of the scene/device. You don’t have a device called TurnOnLight. You have one called LightOn so it needs to be:


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Works, thanks you!

Last question: I asked this last year already:

Is it possible to run the program in the background? Like i want to change my light without getting the program in the foreground.