Philips HUE - Out of Home Enabled


I didn’t see this topic in the forum, so I wanted to see if anyone had an answer.

Currently I can control my Philips HUE (Bridge v2) network from the Philips HUE app, away from LAN over WAN with “Out of Home” enabled on the Philips HUE app.

However when I am using the Home Remote Philips HUE Plugin, over WAN the status of all of my HUE devices is “Unknown”. Reconnect to LAN and the status returns.

Is this beyond the capabilities of the plugin for the HOME remote? Should I use my DYN DNS domain and open port for the bridge with port forwarding to access across WAN?

I can access the HUE devices through HomeSeer, on HomeSeer Mobile via WAN, but I prefer to have all of my devices in The Home Remote.


I would try the DDNS and open port with port forwarded to hue bridge. Not sure you will need Out of Home enabled then. Sure worth a try both ways.

Can anyone confirm the listing port for Philips HUE Bridge to port 80?