Phillips Hue bulb w hub homeseer

I have a Phillips hue hub. I have ordered some hue bulbs for a room in my house. I have my HomeSeer server integrated into the home remote. What is the best way for me to integrate these bulbs into home remote and be able to change the colors of the bulbs. For this round I am receiving four bulbs. The four bulbs will be installed into the same room


Hi Bill,
for integration, you can use the Phillips hue plugin in “add device source”

The Hue system does have an API that can be accessed via HTTP JSON commands to the Hue Bridge. I did it that way, so that I could access the Hue Bulbs directly from Homeseer. I then programmed Tasker to send “event” triggers to Homeseer to control those bulbs. I then programmed THR to send commands to Tasker to cause Tasker to forward those Hue commands to Homeseer. Sounds a little convoluted, but I was leveraging existing code when I added THR to the mix.