Picture slideshow to prevent LCD 'burn-in' (pictures from FTP/NAS/...?)

Is there any solution to play slideshow inside HR ?
It would be great if (after some time) picture would appear over a part of HR (and random change)
… and dissapear if touching it.

This would also prevent LCD screen to ‘burn-in’ background picture.
I am already experiencing ghost picture on iPads in my house.

Did anyone already tried that with Dropbox / FTP / NAS… pictures?
I have shared picture folder on my Synology NAS that I would like to use.

Not currently. I have mentioned plans to add support for an Idle event which would let you run a custom set of Actions after a certain period of inactivity.

Once that feature’s been added you should be able to do this.

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Great news about idle option.

What about a slideshow that can be started with ‘button’.
Do we already have the possibility to achieve that somehow?

Yes. For that I’d use a Plugin. For example, you could create a virtual device object with a SlideshowImage attribute & update that every 10 seconds or so. Then just bind that attribute to your image control.

Thank you.

I hope someone would find this idea usefull to use it (and share his final solution).
Unfortunately, I don’t have skills to do that :frowning: