Plugin Files missing in Android HRP

I have a project with two plugins for two different devices, works fine in designer simulation on Win10 with devices connected. When I export the .hrp file to an Android tablet I get an error message
"could not find file data/user/0/com.thehomeremote/files/Project/Scripts/
The ***********.plugin refers to the name of the operative plugin depending on the target device. Everything is on the same network and the simulation works perfectly in exactly the same circumstances. Do I have to export the plugin files seperately? Never have done before!

The Android file system is case-sensitive. Check your file references to make sure the are of matching case. The FileName property on the Plugin has to match or it will not work. If you want, you can email me the file & I’ll take a look.

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the quick response. It was a case problem in a file name, now it is working. Thanks for the offer to look at the files, I may take you up on that as I get farther along but for now all is AOK.