PNG buttons and others

I looked at the youtube demo and I’d like to know where can we buy these nice PNG buttons/switches… ? They seem to be real. All sites I found on google have bad PNG.

Can you be more specific? Please share a link to the video you watched. Which images are you wanting?

Mainly switch buttons but I see in the Support video from John in the Home Remote support page that he’s using nice buttons for his remote ( Home Remote Designer 3.0 Page Browser Tutorial - YouTube ) I guess he got it on the web.

Some of the buttons in video are from the now obsolete iRule platform. Others I created myself. I am a photoshop retoucher by profession. PM me and will get you what you need.

I now understand why your main project is REALLY nice :wink:

Since I just signup to this forum I can’t PM I think. For now I’m looking at different switches but I will continue to look on the web, I don’t want to use your hard work.

Thank’s for your answer.

You should have taken John’s offer! :astonished: Now here you go! :