Problem adding devices in Tablet

Hello, I’m having problems adding devices on my tablet, I had some devices connected and everything was normal but today I came across the problem of adding new equipment, when I click on “Existing device” nothing appears to select, when I go to edit and I look for devices nothing appears to select again

I deleted the devices that were paired to try to reconnect and now I don’t see any more to select in the app

On my cell phone everything is ok but I would like to install it on the tablet so that everyone in my house could use and test it
PS: Tuya, Smart Life, IP Camera accounts are all connected and the devices appear there but I can’t select them and put them on the home screen

Sorry for my bad english

If nothing is available to select that means references to those devices already exist on that page. Your Home Group may be bad. Try adding a new Group/tab & then deleting the current Home group.

If you have your phone app setup and working like you mention, it’s possible to back up your project (it’s an .hrp file) and restore it on other devices. You do not have to go through the setup process over and over.

You’ll find the back up option in the app settings. Take the backup (load to a PC, email it to yourself, google drive, or however can) and restore it on other devices.