Product reviews and/or Recommendations?

It would be really helpful if we had a category to share our experiences with hardware integration - both good and bad. Having them in one, easily searchable folder/category would make it so much easier for us newbies!
Maybe with subcategories, like Weather Stations, Lighting Control, A/V Devices, etc.

I like any idea that would grow this community and make the experience with The Home Remote better as I would like to see this product (and the fruit of @bill 's labour) thrive.

Can you explain how this would be different than other topic-specific communities out there?

I’ve recently asked about the prospect of a wiki. That could give the flexibility to do what you’ve suggested (and more). For me, anything that will allow people to collaboratively contribute documentation. Over the years, it seems @bill has the intention of adding more features to THR…perhaps this could also have the benefit of reducing distractions for him, having to provide answers that are already buried within this and the previous Google Groups forum but aren’t the easiest to find where documentation doesn’t already exist (or needs to be updated).