Question before investing time

I have a few questions, before I invest time into Home Remote. I have looked at the app before. I may have even purchased the app. I don’t remember. At the time I decided to go a different rout. Now I am looking at it again. On the pricing page of the website, it shows a basic and a pro version for IOS. When I search the app store I only find two, one is “The Home remote” and the other is “Home Remote” with utilities as a description. What is the difference between these two apps. Where is the Basic and the Pro version of the app. Is the PRO an in app purchase? I have installed the app and do not see any thing that says basic or pro.

Regarding Home Remote in general. The things that are keeping me form diving in is I do not see samples of what I would say are good graphical interface. I have searched online to find every picture and or video showing the same basic interface. I came from iRuile and now using Demopad. They all provide a fair amount of graphics and back drops, plus its easy to add your own. Does Home Remote offer a graphical library? I believe you could add your own, but a bit of a pain starting from scratch. Also I see a few examples of limited feedback from devices such as DirecTV. Like the channel number and call sign. I would like to see much more. Especial from some thing like KODI. To give example, on DemoPad I have title, cover art, time index and graphical progress slider, that I can slide to jump to a part of a movie. Can that be duplicated in Home Remote? Thanks you for reading, hope to hear back.

The PRO version is an In-App Purchase. You only need PRO if you use the Designer to customize your layouts. My suggestion would be to try the default apps & see if it meets your needs. If you want to make some customizations like using custom PNG image files, then upgrade to PRO.

Thanks, figured that out when I uploaded a few samples I found for KODI. Only $5 so bought it any ways.

So been getting my feet wet now with HR. So this is where I am having issues. So I added DirecTV IP from your list of devices. But I can not find a list of commands to call. IE, when I added a Global Cache I can add a device and then go in and see all the commands. If a device has a script like the KODI and the Denon Plugin, I can go find the commands by opening up the scripts. So where do I find them for the DirecTV device I added?

Also I don’t understand, when I added Denon to my layout and when I go to assign a command to a button there are 40 some options under the drop down list for Binding. What are all those for? It seems like only one is commonly used. Where do all those items come from? Why is it so difficult to not have a drop down box to select device and then one for the commands? Don’t take me wrong, it seems like HR can do a lot, I am liking what I have seen so far. Just a step learning curve keeps people away.

DIRECTV shares the same command set as other devices. Its default templates are TvTile.xaml & TVDetails.xaml. For DIRECTV & any other device, don’t forget to check the default files. The Designer & apps give you a complete working project, XAML files & everything. Even if you don’t want to use the default layouts, they can still be a great reference whenever you are building something custom. Most MediaControl devices also provide a SupportedMediaCommands attribute so you can bind that to any GridView or Label in a test page to see the supported commands.

Here are all of the supported DIRECTV commands:

  • Menu
  • List
  • Guide
  • Info
  • Exit
  • DirectionUp
  • DirectionLeft
  • DirectionDown
  • DirectionRight
  • Select
  • Back
  • ChannelUp
  • ChannelDown
  • PrevChannel
  • Rewind
  • Play
  • Pause
  • FastForward
  • SkipBackward
  • SkipForward
  • Stop
  • Record
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Number1
  • Number2
  • Number3
  • Number4
  • Number5
  • Number6
  • Number7
  • Number8
  • Number9
  • Number0
  • Hyphen
  • NumberEnter

Thanks for the quick reply, I must be missing some thing. I have no idea on where or what you are talking about in regards to the TVDetails.xaml. I clicked on the link you provided and I do not see DirecTV or TVDetails. I must be overlooking some thing. Maybe I am going at this wrong. I am actually starting off with the KODI sample found in the plugins. From there I am adding pages and devices.

The Kodi plugin is probably an empty project that only has Kodi. I would start with the apps. Add your devices to the apps, test them in the apps, then create a backup. Open that file in the Designer & copy-paste your Kodi stuff into it. Attached is a SettingsReset.hrp file so you can revert the apps back to default settings.
SettingsReset.hrp (1.3 KB)

Yep, thanks, just opened up a black project and see all the samples. NOW I GET IT, what you where talking about. LOL

Yeah, I still recommend opening it with the apps & not the Designer. Add your devices directly to the app. At least for a few of them anyway. Groups configuration is a bit more automated in the apps. Opening this file with the Designer doesn’t really do anything. It just reverts to the default “New Project” file so that’s what you’ll see there.

Yes, I started just using the app, just didn’t prefer the layout. I am using DemoPad and I like a much more graphical interface, plus I found a lot of the buttons just to darn small, lol. Plus the app would not find my Dennon Receiver. So I gave up on that and went to the builder.