Release announcements?

Is there a posting made every time there is a new release, explaining the changes it introduces?


Like this?

I do plan on making an announcement about the 3.10 release because there are a few new features that definitely need to be discussed. I don’t really have time to talk about those quite yet. Just because you saw the update in Google Play yesterday doesn’t mean everything has been completed yet. There are a lot of moving parts to every release. We’ve got 3 different app platforms and a Designer. Plus I still have to deal with normal support requests as well. Please be patient with me:)

If you haven’t noticed too, release notes are published to the website.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to be pushy. I’m sure there is lots to do and all will be done whenever possible.
Just a suggestion that a forum posting announcing each release would be useful.

Much thanks.

No worries:) That was a good suggestion. I’ll try to get details about 3.10.0 posted later today.

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