Remotely access the 'THE HOME REMOTE'

Is it possible with The Home Remote??
Can we make a server for remote access from anywhere in the world, like Home assistant??
an intermediate Server ( raspberry pi) that can control all the ‘The Home Remote’ Devices…

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That’s something I have wanted too. Being that about 30% of my devices are local only I would love the ability to have access to the devices when I am outside my local network. Maybe Bill can chime in on this and see if its possible

You could set up a remote access VPN. That would allow you to access your local network remotely.

Can you clarify that, i don’t have any idea about it…

Sorry, that’s not something I can really help you with. You’re probably gonna have to Google it.

Another possible option would be to set up “port forwarding” for each device you wish to control remotely.

Ha how come I didn’t think of this before, I already have a VPN set up too

Ok thanks for your replay bill :blush: