Removing unreferenced Homeseer devices

As my HS4 installation matures, the list of Homeseer devices in THR just keeps growing, for example if a device is deleted in HS4 I’m pretty sure it continues to be included in the Homeseer list of devices in THR.

Is there anyway to automatically “clean up” the list so that devices not referenced in a THR file are deleted off of THR?

Also, it would be great if there was a search function for the general Homeseer device list (similar to the search available in the various bindings prompts).

On a side note, I am a bit concerned on the diminished activity on the forum - I have spent lots of time investigating alternatives, but am unable to find something as good as THR. Bill: please come back to us!!!

Hi Dennis,
there is no function that updates the device list, you have to do this manually. Select all devices in the plugin list and remove them. Then right-click on the plugin again and select “Syncronize Devices” - all available devices will now be listed again.

Makes sense - thanks!